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The Story


Songe-lab started two years ago with a crazy wish to create a brand that would fulfill my desires as a fashion lover.

Parallel to my former activity as an interior designer, I have always secretly dreamed of a line of clothing that would perfectly fit my fashion ideas.

My move to Reunion Island was probably the trigger for this "reconversion".

My arrival over there helped me realize I could create my own clothes. A few sewing lessons later (some of which were given by my seamstress mom) and I was already sketching my first patterns!

Without really knowing where this new adventure would lead me, I fed the project with a line of timeless pieces, wearable at daytime and evening, which combined with simple basics would infuse style to all the outfits, from the most minimalist to the most elaborate.

This desire for unique pieces, made from elegant materials and with quality, has come along with a more minimalist wardrobe, composed of pieces that I really like and that I wear regularly.

Facing major distributors of online fashion, my wish is also to propose another way to consider the fashion: more handmade, more qualitative and which would connect the brand and its customers back together.

My wishes were greatly fulfilled, thanks to this incredible window that is Instagram!

From my Bourbon island I share my ideas of looks daily, but also a sample of the life I live, surrounded by my family and marked by landscapes I hope will make you travel!

The sweetness of life in the Reunion island inspires me even in the choice of the name of each of my creations.

Salazie, Hellbourg, Takamaka, Hermitage, are all places that I love on this island!

French Creations

Another core value I defined before I created Songe lab was to offer products that were made in France,
with always that strong will to recenter fashion on a more local ground.

Our products are developed and produced in french workshops selected upon they knowledge and quality.

Because we want consistency and transparency with our clients, we favor human-scale workshop spaces and carry out a constant quality control so that each of our orders is honored in the best conditions.

A Weekly Rendez-vous

You can obtain our products exclusively on Songe-lab.com
Every month, we organize a new capsule during which we offer the collections classics, like the Salazie top or the Takamaka.
Each piece is declined in several colors and fabric in order to offer more choices and let you create different looks depending on your mood.

Do you wish to be informed in advance about the next sale on Songe lab to make sure you don't miss your coveted item?

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